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Shaonbean DevOps

Phone: 18721838669
Address: Shanghai


Bachelor, Computer Science and Technology; Chuzhou University Anhui (Province)

*Thesis title: Nothing at school*


Most Recent Work Experience:

  • Deploy Enterprise internal continuous integration system
  • Build the source code management system
  • Deploy automatic operation and maintenance platform
  • SAAS that builds open source technology sets
  • Private Cloud Platform Construction and Maintenance
  • Network system security. Disaster recovery

That Other Job You Had

Media lovers and writers

Technical Experience

My Cool Side Project

* Construction of monitoring system based on Nagios

* Implement mysql active synchronization

Open Source

Technology Stack

  • DevOps CI/CD
  • CentOS/Redhat
  • Shell/Python
  • Kvm/Xen
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Ansible/Saltstack
  • NoSQL/MQ/Git/Svn/Network
  • Other

  • Human Languages:
    • Chinaese
    • English

DevOps Troubleshooter